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Is it true that you are looking for fine vinyl sticker printing items? No more look than fast printing. Our name accepts no trouble at all and we look forward to serving our valuable customers. Fast Printing was founded in 2005 and offers our customers custom sticker printing from then on exceptional products of value and glory.

We realize that you have to start having the perfect custom sticker printing business card immediately. We will tell you that we receive your cards in days, not weeks, when vinyl sticker printing you order them from our printing companies. This is important for our appeal to users and why we have so pleased buyers all over New Zealand.

Guide to Sticker Stock:

You will decide or select which custom sticker printing stock is suitable for you across the broad variety of stock determinations. Our scope contains vinyl sticker printing numerous labelling explanations that persuade us to be shocked by big decisions and alternatives.


Gold and silver vinyl sticker printing are an excellent way to stick out the post. These stickers are incredibly appealing and will love the customers positively. Both our sticker stocks can be finished with foliage.

Glory Place:

Spot Gloss Finish recognized Matt and Gloss on custom sticker printing one surface by a combination of Matt Hybrid completion.


Vault stickers are often called 3D vinyl sticker printing, since they are distinctive in their three-dimensional or airy look that guarantees a declaration of the theme.


In the emblazoned section of town stuff are very lavish – it’s the sticker world’s “Gucci.” Completed with gold, silver, bronze or red vinyl sticker printing these stickers look extraordinary, if you feel extra lavish, and are very tasteful in their entirety!

Seal of Wax:

This vinyl sticker printing is now made in full structure for convenient use. The typical wax seals with wedding greetings, letters or files are suitable for wedding.

It has a sleek satellite appearance and a delicate thickness of exquisite condition. Vinyl sticker printing are water resistant and are suitable for indoor applications. They are usually custom sticker printing used in refrigerators, bottles of plastic or wine and other products. Don’t pretend to like a shiny finish, choose our matt vinyl stickers for small runs at that point.

Golden vinyl sticker printing are usually not differentiated from silver vinyl inventories in their debauched gold hue. If you have a modest request and would like to use our computer-based printing process, we recommend this stock.

This superior material has a beautiful smooth surface and an exemplary matt finish that suits a wide feeling variety. – Eggshell surface light weight.

Vinyl Silver:

Vinyl sticker printing are available both indoors and outside, creating a perfect trademark for the products and labels.

The worst you’re hunting for something that’s perfect to carry the light weight to the hard surface and have to be greedy? The hard finished board custom sticker printing amazing white material to picture the multicolor collection, is emphasized by Gmund Kashmir.